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Cycling in Valencia
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Valencia is home to one of the most amazing festivals in Spain - Las Fallas de San Jose, and also the crazy tomato throwing festival - La Tomatina. However it doesn't stop there!

Las Fallas 14th - 19th March

La Tomatina - Last Wed in August

6th Jan
Most towns
Santos Reyes - celebrated all over Spain. The Three Kings from the Orient distribute presents to the children, in impressive parades.
17th Jan
La Hoguera del Santo - Huge bonfires, the locals start buidling from 8th Dec, reaching 20m high and using 1,000,000 kgs of wood
17th Jan
Forcall - Castellon
Santantona - A complicated ritual with more fire, demons and men dressed as women

2nd-5th Feb


Moiros y Cristianos - Spectacular and colourful processions, music, dance, mock battles, gunpowder and the queen of la Mohoma.

1st Sunday of Holy week


Octava de Pascua -Procession, fireworks, folkdance, music.At daybreak (Rosario de la Aurura) fishermen take the image of la Mare de Deu Del Castell into the sea.

2nd week


Moros y Cristianos

14th - 19th Mar

The whole province

Las Fallas - Valencia's main festival. Starting on the 15th with 'la Planta' - huge colourful, often grotesque effigies are displayed in the streets until the burning - la Crema, on the 19th. Fireworks, processions, flowers - see the link above

23rd April

Alcoy - Alicante

Saint George - Moros y Cristianos

2nd Sunday May


La Virgen de Los Desamparados - (a copy of) the virgen is transported through the old streets of Valencia. Traditional dance.

17th May

Vila Real - Castellon

Sant Pascual - 10 days of fiesta - bulls in the streets with balls of fire attached to their horns.

17th June


Felipe V - for historic resistance to Felipe V and the ensueing devastation caused to this beautiful, fortified town.

Last Sunday in July


Traslados de la Divina Aurora - this procession takes over an hour to move 150m, accompanied by dance and fireworks.

20th Aug

Dos Aguas

Virgen del Rosario - bulls with fire on their horns, and a spectacular backdrop of mountains and the river below

Last Sunday in Aug


La Corda - starts a week before with Cristo de la Fe. A spectacular festival dominated by fireworks - not for the faint hearted - fireworks flying in every direction. They are lit by people heavily protected with gloves, boots and crash helmets who walk through and ignite specially designed artefacts. Also firework street 'battles' with many injuries.

Last Wed in Aug


La Tomatina - one huge tomato throwing fight. This festival has had a lot of media coverage. 125,000 kgs of ripe tomatoes, 30, 000 in a town inhabited by 9,000.

Last week in Aug and first week in Sept


Vendimia - one of the largest wine festivals, where the wine just keeps on flowing

3rd Sept


Fiesta del Milagro - dating back to 1600 - dance, processions and music

2nd Sunday in Sept


Fiesta del Arroz - paella competition.

22nd Sept

Benicassim - Castellon

SantaTomas de Villanueva - Very popular music festival on the coast - lasts for 10 days.

1st Oct


Virgen del Rosario, Nino Jesus, Nuestra Senora de la Encarnacion y San Francisco de Asis - 'mascletas', dancing, food

3rd Oct


Tracas - music, dance, fireworks and processions.

1st Nov

Concentaina - Alicante

Firia de Tots Sants -  the oldest festival in the Valencian community (1346) celebrating All Saints from 1st - 15th Nov. Concerts, medieval fair, horse events and exhibitions.

26th - 31st Dec

Agost - Alicante

Fiesta del rey Moro - 6 days of folklore dance and music, processions, fireworks.

Bodegas del Campo, Casinos, Valencia